The Collective at LCBC
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The Collective at LCBC is where Mid 20s/30s can find their people, grow in their life and career, and build authentic community.

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    Christmas Collective 2017

    This episode of the Collective podcast is a special Christmas Collective, talking about family traditions of the holiday season, and introducing Advent as a way to reclaim the value of what Christmas is all about.

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    Jealousy - The Collective Gathering

    Ever wanted what somebody else has? When we were kids, fairness was easy to see and understand. But as we get older and more self-conscious, fairness was easily distorted into jealousy, and that's when it started to steal life from you and from me. In this episode, Dave shares four steps you can take to find jealousy's source, root it out of your heart, and keep it out of your life. Note: Message begins at 14:55.